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The Home and Garden Resource Website is Home Worx.  This is your best choice on the web when you need to find answers to all your home improvement and gardening questions.

We are pleased you’ve found our site as we pride ourselves in featuring the most up-to-date and cutting edge home and garden solutions for every homeowner.  You have questions and we have the answers!  All the industry leaders are featured here on this site.   So we encourage you to take your time and browse the content herein.  We are confident you find the answers you to any questions you may have.  Whether its windows, doors, flooring, gardening, plants or flowers you’ll be sure to find whatever you are looking for.

Many homeowners enjoy the process of beautifying their homes.  Saturdays are reserved for the latest home improvement project.  Windows need weatherstripping, doors need adjustments and gardens need tending to.  Sometimes a project comes to a standstill when additional information is needed.  Where should the homeowner turn to?

You guessed it Home-worx.  Our editors have years of home and garden experience along with the video tutorials we feel we can provide every answer to every homeowners question.  Thank you for visiting our home and garden website and we hope you come back often.

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